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The Inundation Signatures on Rocky Coastlines (ISROC) Network was formed in July 2021 to serve as a focal point for researchers, educators, and students to understand Coastal Boulder Deposits (CBD) and the storms and tsunamis that generate them. Since CBD are often the only remaining evidence from events otherwise lost to history, they can form a long term record of extreme inundation, helping us to learn about storm and seismic climatology.

Major ISROC activities will include a concerted effort to standardize, collect, and host data from CBD, and the storms and tsunamis that force them. The Network plans to hold educational events and exchanges at various locations for both students and researchers.

Researchers, students, and interested others are encouraged to join ISROC to learn about CBD, help to develop the field, and extend the global community. 



Andrew Kennedy

PI, Director


Andrew Kennedy works on  science and engineering problems at coastal margins, and has researched Coastal Boulder Deposits since 2013. He is Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences at the University of Notre Dame.


Melissa Berke


Education Lead


Melissa Berke is a molecular paleoclimatologist with expertise in stable isotope analysis. She has worked in many field sites including East Africa and the Mediterranean. She is Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences at the University of Notre Dame. 


Ronadh Cox


Standards Lead


Ronadh Cox is a geologist who has studied CBD worldwide for the past decade. Her work in Ireland has used annual repeated surveys to demonstrate the ability of winter storms to move boulders even at high elevations. She is Edward Brust Professor of Geology and Mineralogy at Williams College,


Gregory Guannel


Membership Lead


Greg Guannel is a coastal engineer and scientist who has worked extensively in coastal resilience, with a focus on ecosystem services and nature-based protection.

He is Caribbean Green Technology Director at the University of the Virgin Islands, which is nearby to many CBD sites.

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Annie Lau

Max Engel

Nobuhito Mori

Steering Committee,

Publications Lead


Annie Lau is a coastal geomorphologist with extensive experience in interpreting sedimentary, geomorphological, and historical records to assess threats in coastal areas. She is a Lecturer in Geography at the University of Queensland.

Steering Committee

Boulder Data Lead


Max Engel is a geographer and coastal geomorphologist who has studied CBD, and the processes that form and rearrange them, in many oceanic basins including the Caribbean, Pacific, and Atlantic.. He is Akademischer Rat at the Laboratory for Geomorphology and Geoecology in Heidelberg University. 

Steering Committee

Wave Data Lead


Nobuhito Mori is a coastal engineer who has studied wave climatology under climate change conditions, and has investigated many CBD sites in the Pacific and Caribbean basins. He is Professor of Civil Engineering at the Disaster Prevention Research Institute,  Kyoto University. 

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