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ISROC is looking for good pictures of Coastal Boulder Deposits taken by members. Note: You will need to have a Google login to be allowed to upload the photo. Please make sure that you are legally entitled to upload all images, and that they are appropriate. The photos will not be displayed automatically and, since this is the internet, we will moderate to remove all unsuitable material. If there is already an uploaded photo of a site, we may avoid posting multiple images of that site unless there are additional interesting aspects.

To upload a photo, you will need​ to enter:
1. Your email address
2. Your name (to be credited as uploader)
3. A short description of the CBD
4. Latitude and Longitude (Decimal degrees, latitude -90 to 90 degrees, longitude -180 to 180 degrees. Negative latitude is South, positive is North. Negative longitude is West, positive is East.) If you don't know the lat/lon, try to locate the deposit on Google Earth and make sure that the settings have latitude/longitude as 'decimal'.

5. Upload one image file showing the CBD.

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