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Working Groups
One of ISROC 's major purposes is to bring together researchers from many groups and locations to address community issues and standards. These may then allow greater transparency  for methodologies and  intercomparison or reuse of data, or develop educational modules to ensure that students learning about the field can have a broad base to inform their own studies. 

To accomplish these goals, we have initiated several working groups, and will add to these over time. All ISROC members are encouraged to be a part of at least one working group, and active participants may have  additional opportunities for in-person collaboration with researchers from other groups, and authorship in group publications and standards. 

Active Working Groups are:
1. Field Standards, headed by Rónadh Cox. This group will generate consensus standards on field measurement and records, so that data from one may be clearly understood and compared with data from another site.
ISROC members may indicate interest by filling out this Google Sheet. Any questions may go directly to Rónadh Cox at

2. Databases and Cyberinfrastructure, headed by Max Engel.  This group will take on the monumental task of developing infrastructure to house Coastal Boulder Databases, with the explicit goal of bringing historical and new data into a common web-based framework that may be freely used by all ISROC members. Those interested in assisting here (including students who may search for and collate historical datasets) may contact Max Engel at

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