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Publications by ISROC Members
Here, we highlight some of the work on Coastal Boulder Deposits performed by ISROC members. Whenever possible, we link to versions of the publications that are not inside a paywall, but this may not be possible for some. ISROC members who would like to have their coastal boulder papers featured here, please send the publication details to and we will try to get it up quickly. Please make sure to include an online link where possible. Because of copyright, we will not be able to post pdfs of final paper versions in most cases, but we are able to post final accepted versions (your version before the journal does copyediting) and we can link to final versions online. 
If you cannot access a publication behind a paywall, please send an email to one of the publication authors (not to ISROC) and you should be able to get a copy, and maybe make a research connection. 
Spiske, M., Pilarczyk, J., Mitchell, S., Halley, R.E., Otai, T. (2022). "Coastal erosion and sediment reworking caused by Hurricane Irma – implications for storm impact on low-lying tropical islands". Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 47: 891–907. 
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