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Boulders associated with an extreme wave event in the western Mediterranean

Isroc member Javier Laro has just communicated his new paper with coauthors Chris Spencer and Teresa Bardaji, entitled "Boulders associated with an extreme wave event in the western Mediterranean". It has just been published in the Journal of Iberian Geology, with open access (no paywall) available at A summary and figure of some of the boulders is given below.

The presence at Cape Cope, Murcia (SE Spain) of a ridge of metre-sized imbricated boulders (comprised of Upper Pleistocene sediments) reaching a height of up to 4 m above sea level, indicates that there has been an extreme wave event in the area during the Holocene. Through studying the wave conditions generated during large storms in this area, the boulder ridges appear to have been caused by extreme waves associated with a seismic event, such as a tsunami.

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