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ISROC Field School Teaches Students about Rocky, Sandy, and Coral Coasts

The first ISROC Field School on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, organized by Andrew Kennedy, Greg Guannel, Ronadh Cox, Nikita Beck, and TA Hannah Spero, finished on May 31, 2024,.

Twenty four students originating from five continents explored rocky coast processes and boulder transport, sandy coastlines (with sea turtle nesting!) and coral coasts in both field and classroom activities. Students ranged from first year undergraduates to newly-minted PhDs, and came from a wide range of disciplines.

Many friendships were made over the course of the school, and it also became clear that many of the participants will form the core of young researchers in these fields in coming years. ISROC will continue to leverage these connections to build the young researcher community in coastal boulder research and related activities.

The most common comment from attendees was that we need to have a second field school next year!

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