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GSA Connects (Oct 9-12, 2022, Denver) will host ISROC session and member meeting

The GSA Connects meeting to be held on Oct. 9-12, 2022 in Denver, Colorado, USA, will host the ISROC session T146 "Inundation signatures on rocky coastlines”. ISROC members are encouraged to submit abstracts, due July 19 to the submission page here. The exact date and time of the session are not yet known, but we will post these as soon as they are available.

On the same day as the session, potentially immediately following, we will hold a general ISROC member meeting for all attendees and interested outsiders. Session convenors are Ronadh Cox and Robert Weiss: please address any questions about the session topics to them at or

We look forward to seeing you at GSA in October.

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